I have been very fortunate to be able to turn a passion into a profession. With over 20 years experience in marketing, combined with my field craft in photography, I am in a unique position to help you with your brand or marketing project. 

I have been published in a number of major publications in Europe and Southern Africa, both photographic and travel publications. In a market that is often saturated by a new generation of social media "influencers", who will not hesitate to charge extortionate fees for Instagram, Facebook or Twitter posts to their often millions of followers. But how do you know that their following represents your target segment? Are you willing to pay to take a chance they are reaching your audience? Will an "influencer" quote a tangible return on investment for their work?

There are distinct advantages to work with a photographer such as myself in positioning your brand. I do not work indiscriminately through social media channels. Rather, I can help you develop a visual storyboard (both stills and video) to help you market your experience. I work with a select group of clients to create a series of stunning visuals which focus on the experience of your brand

As a seasoned traveller, combined with my wildlife, landscape and nature photography, I do not overlook the finer details of the travel experience. To stand out in the market, brands need more than just big pictures for editorials. I can work with you closely to help portray the total experience, combined my photography and writing to help best position your value proposition. 

I have presented at some major events such as Wild Shots (South Africa), Photokina (Germany), Salon de la Photo (France) and Photo Days (Belgium). I can create an audiovisual presentation that can help position your brands experience to a specific event and audience.

As a Panasonic Lumix Ambassador I have the credibility of a major photographic brand behind me. 

I also realise that marketing budgets can be tight. Let's talk! As a seasoned marketing and business professional there are multiple options to create a win-win. 

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