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The accidental wildlife photographer

I am a self taught wildlife photographer who stumbled into the genre by complete accident. I bought my first DSLR for its video capabilities during the initial film making "democratisation" in 2009 when video capability was added on to professional end DSLR models. Despite being an avid photographer for many years, this was my first experience with a high end DSLR camera albeit for the almost sole purpose of creating cinematic style video. As a result I started slowly but surely taking still images.

In 2013 my professional career, the one that paid my mortgage and looked after my family, took an unexpected and traumatic turn as I was "downsized". To pick myself up and regroup, I went on a holiday to South Africa which included my first safari experience. After 5 days, I left Sabi Sands with mixed emotions. I had connected so strongly with the experience I was sad to be leaving the bush. But I was also inspired and elated at what I had witnessed and photographed. I vowed there and then to return, and 6 months later I did. I have never looked back. I am now a regular visitor to Africa and have spent the past 3 years building a portfolio of work. Looking back when I booked that holiday I never imagined it would lead to a journey in becoming a wildlife photographer. It wasn't planned. It wasn't expected. It literally happened by accident. This is why I like to think of myself as the 'accidental wildlife photographer'.

In 2016 I became a Panasonic Lumix Ambassador. After many years using the Lumix system for video work, I started focusing on my stills photography using the Lumix cameras.